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Dorset Country hospital approached DSM with a complex set of requirements. Their old system was looking tired, was difficult to update and offered a poor user experience. What could be done to combat this? The new chosen platform needed to be robust and dependable for both staff and patients, with a clear design aesthetic.

Dorchester Hospital web site by DSM Design
Dorchester Hospital web site on mobile by DSM Design

A proposed platform of Microsoft Sharepoint was decided upon and working alongside development teams Etali and Deverill, DSM ensured the design and aesthetics were brought inline with a modern NHS brand. Usability and UX were key considerations and we were keen to make sure patients information needed was quick and easy to find. A colour coded menu system allows patients and staff to know immediately which section they are in.

Information On The Go.

Ensuring the design was easy to use and mobile friendly. The site is fully responsive enabling visitors to quickly and easily navigate to key areas of the site on mobile devices.


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